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Elanco launches new combination drench for sheep

Zolvix Plus is now available at AIRR Member store.

Elanco Animal Health has recently launched Zolvix Plus, a new combination drench for sheep. Zolvix Plus combines monepantel (the active ingredient in Zolvix) with abamectin (a macrocyclic lactone).

Zolvix Plus will continue to provide all the recognised benefits of Zolvix in terms of worm control along with all of the benefits of a combination.

Combination drenches are widely recognised...

For those wanting to know more...TuffRock is built from the world's first energised ancient volcanic minerals. This fact makes TuffRocks 100% Australian natural products attractive to horse lovers throughout the world and now there is a new range for small animals, starting with dogs TuffRock K9 and soon rescue animals of all types.

TuffRock K9JF is available at your local AIRR Member store!

For dogs of all ages.
Support for normal healthy joints & muscles.

K9JF comes packaged in powder...

NV Joint Guard for Horses is the perfect supplement to assist in preventing cartilage degeneration by supplying all critical components on a daily basis.

Pick up a bucket of NV Joint Guard for Horses today from your local AIRR Member.

JOINT GUARD provides essential components required for joint cartilage repair and maintenance.

JOINT GUARD is for regular daily administration for a protective effect.

JOINT GUARD aids production of normal healthy cartilage matrix and of synovial (joint)...

iO Shotgun is highly effective for the control of feral rabbits whilst posing lower risk to non targets. Active: 0.5g/kg Pindone Sodium Salt.

Available at your local AIRR Member store.

Rabbits have been significant pests in Australia since they were released near Geelong, Victoria in 1860. Rabbits are one of Australia's most serious pest animals and typically:

destroy pasture, crops and plant communities impacting on agriculture and the environment;

cause soil erosion and associated...

Thunderbird has now launched the largest self-contained solar energiser on the market, with its new S-180B 20km Solar Energiser. This new model was launched in April this year. With so much uncertainty regarding the reliability of electricity from the power grid in rural areas, consumers are looking for reliable alternatives for a backup power supply.

A power outage is not merely an inconvenience to people living in rural areas, but a threat to survival. Most homes in rural areas rely on...

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