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August Farmer Focus 2018

31/07/18 11:14:20 PM

Finish your Winter off right with the August FARMER FOCUS specials from your local AIRR member

Bonus Husqvarna Chainsaw with Zoetis Cattleguard (Moxidectin)
Bonus Bags of Pedigree Working Dog and Mince & Veg varieties
Great offers on the iO Premium Grains range – the cleanest Aussie grains!

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SA & WA...

Maximise your pasture productivity this Winter with Apparent Popstar & Festival

To ensure your pasture and grazing land continues to produce abundant natural green feed for your livestock this Winter apply Apparent Popstar (Granular Gibberellic Acid) or Festival (Liquid Gibberellic Acid) to ensure your potentially highly productive pasture  doesn't go dormant

Safe for you and your livestock

Both are easy to use 

Nil  withholding period

Trusted brand for quality and value

Your local...

Why feed Chickens Scratch Grains?

Chickens are naturally compelled to scratch the ground. They do this in search of various types of food to eat, such as insects, seeds, greens or grit. Therefore, spreading scratch grains, including wheat, sorghum, sunflower seeds and corn, encourages their natural instincts as chickens.

Depending on which grains are used, scratch grains are relatively low in protein and high in energy or fiber. The best time to feed them to chickens these types of grains...


Ulceration is an industry wide problem. Clinical signs of ulcers include colic, diarrhoea, poor appetite, teeth grinding, salivation and poor physical performance. However, in many cases these signs are missing, and the only way of detection is through gastroscopy. Unfortunately, as the name implies, this can only investigate the stomach and it is becoming increasingly apparent that ulcers occur along the whole length of the...

Selenium supplementation supports good health, productivity and profitability in Australian cattle.

Many parts of Australia including much of coastal southern Australia and up the eastern seaboard is selenium deficient. Selenium deficiency can be complicated and affected by various factors and presents an ongoing challenge for farmers across the country.

Bayer Animal Health Technical Services Veterinarian, Dr Domenic Dell’Osa, said “selenium levels can vary seasonally and geographically –...

Hoof growth and repair is very much an 'inside out' process, where all nutrients for hoof wall growth must come via the blood supply to the Coronary Band at the top of the hoof wall, where wall growth is initiated. Painting any product on the outside of the hoof wall will not supply nutrients for growth.

While outside treatment may be effective to help protect the foot, it will not stimulate growth, or repair, in any way. Like every other part of the body, the hoof is a living structure...

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