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Benefits of Extruded Feeds for Horses

The NutriRice Equine range has been developed to ensure we meet the needs of a range of horse feeding programs. Using selected premium ingredients, we have scientifically formulated a range of feeds that are based on rice and rice bran, quality protein sources, and specific minerals and vitamins added to supply a cool feed that supports the health and well-being of your horse.

Our NutriRice range of horse feeds are extruded to improve nutrient availability and digestibility – to help you get the best performance from our feeds and from your horse.

Improved Starch Digestibility

One of the most important effects of extrusion is the improvement in starch digestibility that occurs due to gelatinisation. When starch is gelatinised it increases the speed at which enzymes can break down the starch linkages, allowing more complete digestion in the small intestine and significantly reducing the potential for hindgut fermentation.

Improved Protein Digestibility

The extrusion process allows the enzymes that breakdown protein (proteases) to work more efficiently and therefore extract more protein from the feed for use by the horse.

Improved Nutrient Digestibility

The improved digestibility of nutrients in extruded feeds makes them ideal for all horses, but are of particular benefit for young growing horses and older horses where digestive efficiency may be lower or of reduced capacity.

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NutriRice comes in the following: Versatile, Show & Competition, Stamina & Performance, Stud & Grow and Veteran.

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