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iO Stock Min is a chelated trace element supplement for sheep & cattle to supplement diets where mineral levels may be low.

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The most common mineral deficiencies in cattle, sheep and goats in Australia are of copper, selenium, cobalt and phosphorus.

Diagnosing and identifying mineral deficiencies

Clinical signs that would lead producers to suspect a mineral deficiency include the following:

Copper deficiency - Rough coat, sandy-colour Hereford or bronze-tinged Angus, poor growth, diarrhoea.

Selenium deficiency -Stiff-legged gait, sudden death, poor growth.

Cobalt deficiency - Ill-thrift, emaciation.

Phosphorus deficiency - Pica (eating bones and other rubbish), poor growth, soft bones and fractures, infertility, post calving red water.

Pasture samples, soil samples and blood samples from affected animals can also be useful, as well as a clinical response-to-treatment trial.

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