airr about us

Making Independence

AIRR was developed to support independent retail stores compete against their corporate or franchise competitors. AIRR is fundamentally a member based buying and marketing group who stock and supply Independent Rural Merchandise and Pet & Produce stores with their products to on sell to end-users. The need for independents to align to an effective group has never been more necessary than today.

The only true national purchasing and service advantage for independents

With a network of 8 warehouses nationally and stocking approximately 8,000 product lines, AIRR is truly your one stop distributor. Our customers don’t have to worry about MOQs or having too much capital tied in stock. Our customers – the ever-growing and healthy independent, can buy 1 of anything anytime, anywhere. You can increase your range, whilst lowering your investment in inventory. AIRR does the investing in and carrying of stock for you.

Joining AIRR is the only true way to experience the benefits we offer. This value is realised from day 1 of becoming a member, but the true worth is measured over many years. Only our members get to experience how truly great we buy, sell, promote and support.

Spend more time selling!

With AIRR, you have access to almost 100,000 products from more than 650 suppliers at the national or group price. This list burgeons by the week – please keep track! All of these products are able to be charged onto AIRR’s account and will be part of your single monthly statement. That’s right, access to just about everything you could possibly need or want from 1 group on 1 account. No longer do you need to administer over 100 different accounts. Being an AIRR member or customer means you automatically have an account with all of our suppliers. Your orders are simply charged back to your AIRR account and shipped directly to you from the supplier.