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Tuckers Pet & Produce is a group of over 175 Independent retailers that carry a wide range of all of the leading brands Pet, Equine & Farm products.

Whilst every store is 100% independently owned, the group buying power enables to offer their customers the very best value day, every day and still provide that personal and expert service that independents are renowned for. You receive Mates Rates everyday at Tuckers.

Tuckers Pet & Produce gives you the power and control of smart shopping by also having a 24/7 store online - giving you a better shopping experience without the hassles. We aim to make your experience a greater one when shopping online. By doing so, you'll be supporting your local independent retailer- the backbone of your local community. Pet lovers and enthusiasts will find everything from canine, feline, and equine to chooks, chemicals and hobby farming needs. Our 'click and collect' function enables you to shop anytime and then pop in to your local store and pick up goods. You still have the comfort and security of buying from your store, yet the convenience of shopping from the office or home.

We are certain our range and expertise in all categories - be it dog, cat, chook, horse or farm product, will ensure you leave with the perfect product for your needs. Big or small, fluffy or furry, we have them covered from head to tail with a massive range of your most popular and much loved brands at Mates Rates everyday.