Gallagher Drive Through Electric Gate 4.27m (14FT)

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Gallagher Drive Through Electric Gate 4.27m (14FT) G71114
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Purchase your standard gate hardware unit (G71100) and buy a set of rods from four different rod length pack options available Rod lengths range from 1.2m-4ft to 4.88m-16ft Links to any existing permanent electric fence system or separate battery-solar energizer Saves time - no need to open and close gates Reliable - stops all large livestock Saves money - replaces high use farm and road gates at a fraction of the cost Hard wearing long lasting PVC units Rubber coating on the rods protects your vehicle's paintwork Safe to use when driving through or handling the gate rods: Driving - your vehicle tyres provide insulation Rods feature insulated hand grips to prevent shock. Flexible installation options: Choose from four rod length options (all of which fit the standard gate fixings) Connect up multiple gate units to one system using insulated cable For extra security mount two gate units above each other and connect together to create a double gate. Choice of four rod lengths - purchase your set from these options: 1.20m- 4ft (G71104) 3.66m-12ft (G71112) 4.27m-14ft (G71114) 4.88m-16ft (G71116) Suitable for: Cow,Horse,Cattle,Deer