Your local AIRR member is always there with the best advice on a wide range of Cattle, Sheep and Dairy products to sevice all kinds of livestock.

Our group buying power and network enables AIRR to provide farmers and producers a huge range of products that service livestock from animal health to mineral supplements. Here are some livestock products that AIRR Independent Stores carry:

Cattle drenches, vaccines, injectables and pour ons to control internal and external parasites plus ticks up north from leading brands such as Cydectin, Eprinex, Acatak, Ultravac, Dectomax, Multimin, Tasvax, Permatrace & Noromectin.

Sheep fly prevention including Clik, Jet Away & Venus and treatment plus drenches, pour ons, loucisides and vaccines for parasite control from Avenge, Extinosad, Cydectin, Q Drench, Triguard.

All AIRR Independent stores carry a wide range of livestock feed options such as stockfeeds from Barastoc, Coprice and plus supplements and blocks.

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