Zolvix Plus

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Zolvix™ Plus is a combination drench that combines monepantel, the only member of the amino-acetonitrile derivative (AAD or ‘orange’) class of anthelmintics, with abamectin. As short-acting, broad spectrum drenches with different modes of action, monepantel and abamectin are ideal combination partners. Using drenches in appropriate combination is widely recognized as being beneficial in delaying the development of resistance to drench actives.

Zolvix™ Plus provides premium broad spectrum control of sensitive roundworms in sheep, including strains with single, double or triple resistance to white, clear, closantel and macrocyclic lactone drenches or their combinations.

Research has shown the incorporation of monepantel (one of the active ingredients in Zolvix™ Plus) into drenching programs can help to prolong the life of all effective drenches.