NextGenRoto FarmFeeder - Sheep

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NextGenRoto FarmFeeder - Sheep NextGenRoto-FarmFeeder-Sheep
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The NextGenRoto FarmFeeder -Sheep is a clever concept. When you invest in a product that allows you to reduce wastage of precious hay from animal defecation, spreading, trampling and weather damage, and also reduces your labour and time costs, you’ll find it is an excellent return on investment.  The FarmFeeder – Sheep minimises pasture stress and Clean-up as animals can completely empty the feeder.  The internal lip can be secured to the ground using four 10 mm pegs, whilst the internal tray can keep hay from direct contact with the ground.  This product will be useful year after year, and comes with a 5 year Manufacturer’s Repair or Replacement Warranty, for your peace of mind.  It is easily manoeuvred over round bales of hay with a weight of 55 kgs