Jurox providing animal health solutions for the Australian sheep producer.

Mr Joe Bown, Head of Sales and marketing at Jurox says ”Jurox is fast becoming a significant player in the sheep anthelmintic and ectoparasitic markets, with both new and established differentiated brands playing key roles for both farmers and rural distributors. We launched two new products in the last 12 months, and more recently a new lice product to round out our range.”

Launched in August 2017, Eradicator the newest product in the fight against sheep body lice, contains imidacloprid, a highly effective neonicotinoid insecticide.  Eradicator’s flexibility means it can be used up to 7 days off shears, and on unshorn lambs up to 2 months of age.  It also protects sheep against lice re-infestation for up to 4 weeks when applied within 24 hours of shearing. Eradicator is easy to apply and its bright red colour means the product can be clearly seen, allowing for accurate application.

“Adding Eradicator to the range now enables Jurox to provide highly effective, Australian owned and manufactured, lice, fly and worm control options for the Australian sheep producer” Mr Bown said.

“Jurox has two stand out performers in the combination drench market, Q-drench Multi-Combination Drench for Sheep and NAPfix Liquid Naphthalophos Combination Drench for Sheep” Mr Bown added.

Dr Liz Ferguson, Technical Services Veterinarian for Jurox adds, “The use of combination drenches is widely advocated as an essential part of an integrated parasite management program to maximise the efficacy of drenching and to delay the onset of nematode resistance within a population.  Scientific modelling has consistently shown that use of combination drenches will delay the onset of resistance to a greater extent than use of single active drenches in rotation.  In addition, the greater the number of actives in a drench, the longer resistance to each active will be delayed.

“Q-drench is now well established and clearly one of the leading brands in this segment, being the only 4-active combination drench available.

Also, Q-drench strikes a great balance between efficacy, and economy. At around 60c per adult dose graziers are aware that Q-drench provides worm, fluke and tape control without over extending the farm animal health budget,” Mr Bown concluded.

Sheep farmers, vets and parasitologists were pleased to hear that NAPfix was returned to the market.  NAPfix is a ready-to-use triple combination drench that contains naphthalophos (OP), abamectin (ML) and albendazole (BZ).

Being in combination with abamectin and albendazole, NAPfix is also highly effective against Teladorsagia circumcincta (Brown stomach worm) and Trichostrongylus spp. (Black scour worm) which are economically important nematodes in most of Australia’s sheep-farming regions.

The ready-to-use formulation means that there is no dust, reducing the risk of OP exposure to farmers. No mixing of drenches also means no errors in diluting. However, it is important that farmers adhere to the instructions on the drum and, as with any drenching procedure that care is taken to avoid inadvertent administration into the animal’s airways.

After a successful launch in October 2016, Jurox is looking to further establish StrikeForce-S Spray On Sheep Blowfly Treatment, as a key management tool for woolgrowers and prime lamb producers around Australia.

StrikeForce-S is the result of years of research done specifically in Australia under local sheep management and parasite challenge conditions. The new product solves a key problem for sheep producers, who until now, have been unable to provide long term blowfly strike protection with the flexibility of short withholding periods. StrikeForce-S provides farmers with up to 18-24 weeks of protection against blowfly strike, whilst having a short WHP (meat) of 14 days and an ESI of only 35 days.

Q-drench, NAPfix, StrikeForce-S and Eradicator are registered trademarks of Jurox Pty Limited.