Why feed Chickens Scratch Grains?

Chickens are naturally compelled to scratch the ground. They do this in search of various types of food to eat, such as insects, seeds, greens or grit. Therefore, spreading scratch grains, including wheat, sorghum, sunflower seeds and corn, encourages their natural instincts as chickens.

Depending on which grains are used, scratch grains are relatively low in protein and high in energy or fiber. The best time to feed them to chickens these types of grains is in the afternoon after they have eaten complete feed. Make sure they only have enough to be finished in 15-20 minutes.

Including a grit in a scratch mix aims to help the chickens grind and digest the grains properly (since our feathered friends do not have teeth). When they have access to the ground, chickens normally can find some grit in the form of small rocks or pebbles, but most scratch mixes can also include commercial grit such as oyster shell or gravel. In our iO Scratch mix the medium grit is from seashells.

At AIRR our 3 biggest selling Scratch Mixes across our 240+ stores nationwide # are;

1 iO Scratch Mix

2 Barastoc 3 Grain Scratch Mix (formerly known as Poultry Grain Mix).

3 Laucke Red Hen Scratch Mix



So what should we not feed our chickens?

Our research indicates the following:

Chocolate, mouldy food, avocado, green potatoes and died or raw beans – should never be fed to chickens.