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WOODY WEED ISSUE:Got Woody Weeds issues around the farm, pastures or on grazing land? Apparent is the KING OF WOODY WEED control. Click here to view the Apparent Woody Weed product guide - we have the perfect solution for you.

HOME GARDEN & LAWN INSECT & WEED CONTROL: Apparent has a broad range of highly concentrated products to control & prevent weeds in the home garden and on lawns, plus control a wide range of insects on gardens, lawns, vegetables and flowers/ornamentals. Click here to view the right Apparent product for your lawn or garden.

SEED TREATMENT GUIDE. Apparent has your valuable seed protected with our Seed Treatment Product range Click to view the Apparent Seed Treatment Guide

LOOKING FOR OPTIMAL SPRAYING PERFORMANCE EVERY TIME?:Apparent has a complete range of adjuvants and surfactants that are are trusted by farmers and contractors nationwide. Click here to view the Apparent adjuvant guide to find the perfect product for your spraying solution.

APPARENT Ag is a leading supplier of products that protect crops, pastures, gardens & lawns from weeds, insects, pests & disease.

Our focus is to provide farmers and householders the most reliable, high quality product at the right price. Apparent is your choice for quality & value.

Apparent product - like all players in the market are imported, be that of the active ingredient or the fully formulated chemical itself. We buy from only select & highly credible production plants overseas that share our vision for quality. Many of these plants also supply the multinational corporations engaged in the crop protection industry, often with their proprietary molecules. Many of these plants produce only for the export market and, therefore, are familiar with the product quality demanded by APVMA and Australian farmers.

APPARENT utilise industry leading wetters, surfactants and dispersant packages in our product to ensure optimum performance and user confidence in all products. Each plant from whom we procure products is inspected and their financial strength, environmental protection and occupational safety regimes as well as production facilities much meet our high standards before adding the company to our list of accredited suppliers.

APPARENT also imports Active Constituents (AC) from agricultural chemical plants in China for local toll formulation in Australia. We are currently formulating at four plants: two in Victoria, one in Western Australia, one in Queensland and one in New Zealand. In volume, almost half of our product is toll formulated in Australia

While most of our generic products have been in the market for many years, we are not standing still. We always look for ways to innovate and also always seek to create efficiencies for customers. We constantly seek new methods of formulation to reduce prices for Australian farmers. We also continually research all new molecules and discuss these with the plants that produce the same in China with a view to introducing them to the Australian market once patents expire. We know that we can deliver the newer products to Australian farmers at a fraction of their current cost. We are prepared to obtain AC clearance with APVMA for these molecules and then register appropriate labels for the Australian market.

Apparent now has over 145 product registrations. We are always bringing new products to the market – be that for broadacre farming, pasture management or insect & weed in the home garden. Whatever the size or scale of the job, for optimal performance everytime your Choice is Apparent.

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