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Fencing Equipment: Wire, posts, netting, gates & pre-fabricated

Contractors and farmers nationwide turn to us for our great range of leading brands such as Waratah Fencing, Cyclone, Whites Rural, Austral Wire in fencing wire, barb wire, fence posts and fencing accessories such as the Gripple range for farm fencing for livestock management and land division. Exclusion fencing to prevent feral animals from accessing your property and valuable livestock is a big focus at the moment. The investment in fencing can save huge amounts and we can work with you on a fencing solution tailored to your farming enterprise. Our Farm Gate range includes Cyclone N-Sure, Markfi, Whites. As this happen around the farm, we are always there with a great range in the yard for the next job or running replacement. For client with backyard chooks, we carry a range of chicken netting from Waratah, Whites Rural, Austral and Cyclone that suit all budgets. When planning your next fencing job please enquire at your local independently owned AIRR member and we will provide you the perfect farm fence solution.