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In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, innovation plays a pivotal role in enhancing productivity, reducing waste, and improving overall efficiency. Agri-Novatex Australia, a world-leading agricultural crop packaging company, is proud to introduce our latest breakthrough product, Butterfly. This cutting-edge net wrap is designed with a focus on three key elements: Memory Compression Technology, Eco-friendly, and Adaptability to suit all balers and conditions.

Memory Compression Technology:

Butterfly Net takes net wrap technology to the next level with its Memory Compression Technology. This revolutionary feature ensures the net wrap maintains its shape and elasticity, even under extreme tension and pressure. Traditional net wraps can sometimes deform or lose tension during the baling process causing mis-shaped bales. However, the increased length of schuss strands of Butterfly allows for movement between the chains providing an even spread to the end of the bale. Increased compression and even shape across the bale promotes additional water shedding capability preventing unnecessary weathering and spoilage in the matter.

With Butterfly, producers can have peace of mind knowing that their crops are securely wrapped, preventing spoilage and ensuring a higher quality end-product.

Eco Friendly

The highest specific strength to weight ratio gives Butterfly net the edge in performance with less kilograms, significantly increase ease of use with 5% plastic reduction. Made from stronger and thicker threads, the ME Technology of Butterfly ensures the higher strength and increased durability to withstand repetitive handling and a reduction in wraps per bale. Lighter weight, less net per bale increases cost efficiencies and reduces carbon footprint.

Adapts to All Balers and Conditions:

Whether you’re working in dry, dusty conditions or in humid, rainy weather, Butterfly performs consistently, ensuring that your crops are safely and securely wrapped.

Compatibility with various baler models makes it a versatile choice for farmers, allowing them to seamlessly integrate this advanced net wrap into their existing equipment.