Waratah HT Barbed 1.80 Longlife Wire x 500mt

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Waratah HT Barbed 1.80 Longlife Wire x 500mt 2818
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Waratah Longlife Blue colour high tensile barbed wire is made from high tensile wire in a reverse twist pattern. 1.80mm provides greater strength and life and is favoured for use on boundary fences. Reverse twist pattern provides maximum strength and safety. Consistent and closer barb spacing means more barbs for maximum stock pressure and security. Used as a sight or bottom wire helps cope with added pressure from prime lambs and feral animals 1.57mm high tensile barbed wire available Diameter (mm): 1.57 1.80 Length (m): 500 500 Breaking strain (kN): 3.0 4.0 Rec. Tension (kN): 1.3 1.3

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Size 500
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