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iO Bird & Poultry – Premium, trusted formulations – uncompromising quality

IO mixes are mixed using a proven formula for a well-balanced breed specific diet.

During periods such as the current drought, key raw material ingredients can increase in price quite significantly.

In blending formulas for the iO range we always endeavour to maintain the traditional formula to ensure the quality and consistency of the mix. Every time retailers or consumers open a bag of iO, they can have confidence and trust in the quality of our premium formulation.

Many manufacturers work on price and thus as raw material prices increase they will increase levels of cheaper varieties. This will compromise the oil and nutritional content required for the health, colour and plumage of the bird.

With the drought and subsequent challenges to crops & supply, prices will fluctuate – especially those providers who tinker with mixes and substitute with cheaper varieties & fillers.

In the current times of drought, some inputs will have to be imported which is unavoidable when no local supply is available.

Aviary Blends

Our grains are screened, cleaned and processed before mixing begins which minimises the dust and stalks in the blend. The level of seed or dust discarded by the birds is the best test

Many brands will substitute cheaper grain such as increasing hulled oats (good for fibre) volume in a budgie mix and compromising the premium seeds such as plain canary, which is the rich source of protein for these mixes and gluten free. It is important to maintain a balanced blend rather than being too heavy on fewer varieties.

We will only adjust the formula based on the availability of grain and try to ensure the same consistency in mix and nutrition is achieved by adding an equivalent seed.

Supermarket varieties indicate sorghum and wheat are used in budgie and canary. Whilst Sorghum is a source of Iron for the larger birds, it is more of a cheaper filler for the smaller variety.

Poultry Grain

The iO poultry grain is an excellent well-balanced grain mix, maintaining a protein level of around 13-14 % which is essential for egg production and natural limestone grit for calcium. These are significantly higher than generic branded poultry grains that sit around 10-11%.