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Waratah Fencing System

A Waratah Fencing System makes sense!

Gone are the days of picking the cheapest fencing products you can buy and just slapping them together. In the medium term, your fence will most likely fail or be costly to repair & maintain up to the standard required by most farming enterprises. Waratah have worked with thousands of farmers over their 135 year history and have encountered almost every possible fencing application known to man. It’s this expertise and product confidence that rural distribution and farming businesses rely on.

Instead of choosing your posts from supplier A and wire from supplier B, you can get a systems solution by sticking with Waratah. The Waratah Fencing System of posts, wire and accessories has been designed to take the guess work out of choosing what products are best for your customer’s needs. Whether you need exclusion fencing, sheep, beef horse or almost any other application known, Waratah can help you with a solution that meets your needs. 

The Waratah national research & development team is committed to creating innovative solutions across all stages of its’ vertically integrated processes, with patented products to protect you from inferior imported imitations. Consistency and quality checks ensure the products that make up a Waratah Fencing System, work – from patented products like Jio hot dipped galvanised steel posts, Longlife Blue colour fence wire & time saving tools & accessories, a Waratah fence performs better.

Combining premium and cheap fencing products can cause serious problems in a very short period of time – inferior parts can quickly corrode and degrade the integrity of premium fencing products, leaving you with unhappy customers. It only takes one inferior product to compromise and weaken an entire fence line. 

Jason Burton, a fencing contractor from WA, knows the Waratah Fencing System is the smartest choice; “The Waratah Fencing System is the only way to achieve the best fence at the best price. For the client its first because it lasts. For me it’s first because it works.”

Save yourself and your customers the hassle by recommending the Waratah Fencing System today – it makes sense. With the largest and most experience sales support team it’s all too easy to get started using the Waratah Fencing System. Contact your local AIRR Member Store, Waratah representative or call 13 10 80 to order now!