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HRC Sureshot Duo Combination Pour-On for Cattle

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Active Constituent: 10mg/ml Abamectin, 200mg/ml. Levamisole

The combined power of abamectin and levamisole in a pour-on formulation provide control over parasites resistant to mectins or BZs, as well as slowing the onset of parasite resistance on the property. Sureshot duo is a convenient low dose 1ml/20kg pour-on formulation that not only controls internal parasites, will also control ecto parasites such as lice, buffalo fly and cattle tick.  

Dosing & Administration

SURESHOT DUO POUR-ON dose rate is 1 mL/20 kg body weight (0.5 mg/kg abamectin and 10 mg/kg levamisole). Apply along the backline of the animal, using the SURESHOT DUO POUR-ON applicator, in a strip starting between the shoulder blades.
This product is not to be given orally or injected. Only use the pour-on applicator supplied for use with SURESHOT DUO POUR-ON. SURESHOT DUO POUR-ON is not compatible with other guns. After use, rinse gun with warm soapy water.