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iO Grain Protection Range

Learn more about the benefits of iO’s grain protection range, featuring:

1. iO Fenitrothion – For the control of locust and grasshopper pests of broadacre and horticultural crops, for the protection of cereal grain against stored product insect pests and for the control of various pests of pasture as per directions for use table.Non-flammable. Registered for use on cereal grains, silo & equipment clean out, locust control and crop protection. Crop protection & Locust control. Formulated and packed in Australia using greener solvents. (Active constituent: 1000 g/L Fenitrothion)

2. iO Smart Grain Dual Insecticide – For mixing with un-infested cereal grain for protection against: CONFUSED FLOUR BEETLE, LESSER GRAIN BORER (OP RESISTANT), RUST-RED FLOUR BEETLE (OP RESISTANT), SAWTOOTHED GRAIN BEETLE (OP RESISTANT), STORED GRAIN INSECT PESTS – EXCEPTIONS, TROPICAL WAREHOUSE MOTH. (Active Constituent: 60g/l S-methoprene & 600g/lFenitrothion)

3. iO Smart Grain IGR Grain Protector – For mixing with un-infested cereal grain for protection against immature stages of lesser grain borer, rust-red flour beetle and sawtoothed grain beetle. Up to 9 months protection of most Cereal grains including Barley, Wheat, Sorghum & Oats. (Active Constituent: 300g/L s-methoprene)