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Courtesy of Datamars.

As new mandatory traceability schemes for sheep and goats come into effect, you may find you need  to adapt quickly.

Datamars Livestock’s complete sheep management solutions support you to meet traceability requirements and realise added value from your farm data.

Ultimately, you can make better, more informed decisions, acting where necessary to improve the health and performance of your stock, and the profitability of your operation.

The Datamars Livestock range of Tru-Test indicators, EID stick readers, Z Tags’ visual & EID tags and Prattley animal handling solutions are an important part of your livestock management toolkit, as you manage these growing demands for traceability.

The Z Tags sheep range features high quality livestock identification tags and application devices designed to adhere to market standards and NLIS national industry compliance.

TagFaster Multi-Shot Tags and the TagFaster Applicator streamline your tagging process, making it automatic, simpler, and faster.  The NLIS approved multi -shot tags are supplied in strips of 20 and the ergonomic and lightweight design of the applicator ensures fast and easy application.

Offering convenience while adhering to safety regulations, TagFaster Multi-Shot Tags and the TagFaster Applicator  are the ideal choice for lamb tagging.