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Here are our leading offers for Electric Fencing from the Spring Catalogue.

Bonus items will be available in-store at your local AIRR member. Not available online.

Pricing will vary due to freight in some areas.

Fully self-sufficient energizer using solar power to charge your electric fence. These units can be used in permanent & semi-permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power.

Shop in Store: Gallagher S20 Portable Solar Energizer

Has pre-formed notches allowing multiple customised wire heights and a Ring Top head enables single wire use.

Shop in Store: Gallagher 7MM Extra Heavy Duty Multiwire Ring Top Post – 875MM

SRS2i: Read and record EID tag information. 250,000 scanned tag memory. XRS2i Read, record, edit and customise individual animal information. 1 million scanned tag memory. Both are NLIS tag compatible & have Bluetooth® wireless technology for operation while connected to a weigh scale.

Shop in Store: Tru-Test Stick Readers – SRS2i & XRS2i

Suitable for medium to large farms with a focus on weight, weight gain and understanding other influences. Stores up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions.

Shop in Store: Tru-Test ID5000 Indicator

MP 600: Multi-purpose load bar that can be used under cattle platforms, sheep crates and wool presses. 600mm length. Total capacity 2000KG. HD5T: Heavy Duty Load Bars 5000KG total capacity 1,010mm length. Tough, reliable and easy to install under the heaviest of cattle crushes.

Shop in Store: Tru-Test Loadbars – MO 600 & HD5T

Suitable for medium to large farms, delivering a wide range of performance indicators on the operation. Stores up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions. Long life battery up to 13hrs.

Shop in Store: Tru-Test XR5000 Indicator

S150: Powers up to 2 km of fence 0.15 J maximum output energy (0.21 J stored energy). 3 YEAR WARRANTY. S500: Powers up to 5km of fence. 0.5 J maximum output energy (0.65J stored energy). 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Shop in Store: Speedrite Solar Energizer – S150 & S500

Ideal for temporary fencing and strip grazing. Tightly woven for superior strength. 12mm width with orange and white weave for high visibility.

Shop in Store: Speedrite Politape 12MM x 200M White

4 tinned copper strands. 72 x more conductive than standard Poliwire.

Shop in Store: Speedrite Extreme Braid – 3MM x 200M & 3MM x 500M

2.5 mm galvanised steel for greater conductivity. Easy to strip with soft steel core for greater flexibility.

Shop in Store: Speedrite Premium Underground Cable 2.5MMx100M

0.91 Joules of stored energy, Internal rechargeable battery with mains charger supplied, Australian Made.

Shop in Store: Thunderbird 10KM Solar Energiser

3 to 1 geared reel, Save time – Work smarter not harder, high quality super conductive tape.

Shop in Store: Thunderbird Geared Reel + 300M Thundertape

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