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Here are our leading offers for Pet from the Spring Catalogue.

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100% complete and balanced, made with Real Beef and all the essential nutrients your dog will need to thrive.

Shop in Store: Pedigree Working Dog 20kg

Grain Free Dog food that is ideal for active dogs. With real Australian Beef as the no.1 ingredient, it is free from wheat, rice and other grains, as well as gluten, corn and soy.

Click to Shop: Simparica TRIO – 3 & 6 Packs

Hygienic & easy to clean out

Shop in Store: Polymaster Log Cabin Doghouse

Broad-spectrum chewable anthelmintic tablets destroy various intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

Shop in Store: Drontol Wormers

Kills Ticks, Fleas, Intestinal Worms, Heartworm, Lice & Mites. 30% off all 3 & 6 packs.

Click to Shop: Revolution Plus

Specially developed nourishment for future working dogs. High in fat with highly digestible carbohydrate sources, to prepare them for a life of hard work and mental alertness.

Shop in Store: CopRice Working Dog Puppy 15kg

100% nutritionally complete and balanced with all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

Click to Shop: Whiskas 12kg Varieties

A heavy-duty flea free dog bed fitted cover made from a poly-coated textiline shade cloth. Available in small, medium, large & jumbo.

Click to Shop: iO Flea Free Dog Bed Frame & Cover

100% complete and balanced, made with all the essential nutrients your dog will need to thrive.

Click to Shop: Pedigree 12×700 Grab A Slab

Provides a complete diet for Cats.

Click to Shop: Whiskas Wet Cat Food 24x400G

Scientifically formulated to help improve dog health. Made locally from our home in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Click to Shop: Advance 13 & 15Kg

Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection contains a mix of delicious meals precisely balanced for adult cats.

Click to Shop: Felix As Good As it Looks 36 x 85g

Made with meat as the Number 1 ingredient. Australian Made.

Shop in Store: Stockman & Paddock Wet Dog Food

With real Australian beef as the no.1 ingredient, it is specifically formulated with 26% protein and 16% fat to keep you working dog in peak condition for longer.

Shop in Store: Stockman & Paddock Working Dog Food 20kg

Complete and balanced for adult cats.

Click to Shop: Friskies 10kg Varieties

A complete dry dog food specially formulated to promote the health and wellbeing for domestic adult dogs. Puppy & Kangaroo varieties $59 each.

Shop in Store: Supervite Gold Label 20kg varieties

Cobber Working Dog, with optimal protein and fat and the unique balance of Diamond V XPC® prebiotic, vitamins and minerals gives them everything they need to stay in top condition – no matter what is thrown at them.

Shop in Store: Cobber Working Dog 20kg

2 batteries supplied – 1.5hrs operation from each, Recharging time of 2hrs per battery, Universal blades can be used.

Shop in Store: Thunderbird Rechargeable Horse & Cattle Clipper

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