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Courtesy of Elanco.

Don’t just ‘treat’ lice off-shears this autumn – get a guaranteed, fully-effective outcome with Extinosad™ Pour-On or Viper™ Pour-On from Elanco!

Extinosad Pour-On provides rapid knockdown control1 of sheep lice with minimal impact on your management or marketing options.2

Viper Pour-On contains powerful second-generation neonicotinoid chemistry3,4,5 for rapid knockdown of sheep lice.4

Extinosad Pour-On and Viper Pour-On are the only lousicides that are backed by a 6 months off-shears lice-free guarantee!6

Elanco guarantees that if either product is used in accordance with the label directions and best practice lice management guidelines, no lice will be detected on sheep six months after treatment off-shears.

In the event that lice are detected within the six month period after shearing and treatment, Elanco’s local Territory Manager and a Technical Services Representative will visit your property to investigate the issue. If Elanco determines that lice control has not been achieved, and the terms and conditions have been complied with, then Elanco will provide a suitable lice control product at no cost.  For full terms and conditions of the guarantee, visit either or

This guarantee is just another example of how Elanco is committed to helping you obtain best results from your investment in quality animal health solutions.

Elanco can also provide free advice about strategic parasite control programs, best practice guidelines, and if needed, provide an on-farm application demonstration for your staff.

The Elanco team will set up and service your Power DoserTM, ensuring it is

ready for another season of use and working correctly to allow for optimal product application.

As a major supplier of animal health products to Australian sheep and wool producers, Elanco supports the adoption of best management practice to not only ensure effective parasite control – but to protect the efficacy of all available effective chemistry.

All lice treatments should be used as part of an integrated pest management program, including good fencing, mustering, shearing and application technique.

Industry guidelines discourage the consecutive use of lousicides with the same mode of action.7

Resistance may develop to any chemical if it is used continuously.

Currently there is no known resistance of lice to spinosad, thiacloprid or imidacloprid in Australia, so let’s keep it that way!

The spinosyn and neonicotinoid chemical families account for the vast majority of sheep lousicides used in Australia, meaning the following recommendations are particularly important:

  • If you used an imidacloprid formulation for lice control or blowfly strike prevention last season, consider rotating to Extinosad Pour-On this autumn.
  • If you used Viper Pour-On last season, consider rotating to Extinosad Pour-On this autumn.
  • If you used Extinosad Pour-On last season, consider rotating to Viper Pour-On this autumn.

Regardless of the mode of action of the lousicide you used last season, consider rotating to a different mode of action this autumn.

If consecutive use of the same mode of action is required, careful attention should be paid to achieving eradication after treatment.

Industry guidelines also discourage the application of chemicals with the same mode of action for lice control and blowfly strike prevention in the same wool growing season.

For more information on lice management, contact Elanco on 1800 995 709 or [email protected].

Good agricultural practice is essential for optimal lice control.

Always read and follow the label directions.

1.  Levot, G. (2008). Speed of action and in vitro efficacy of spinosad against sheep body lice, Bovicola ovis, resistant to pyrethroid, organophosphate or insect growth regulator insecticides. Aust J Ent 47:251-255. 2. Refer to registered label. 3. BAH Laboratory Study 6106008 2006. 4. BAH Laboratory Study 6108010 2008. 5. BAH Laboratory Study 6105020 2005. 6. Visit or for terms and conditions. 7. James, P. (2013). Preventing resistance in sheep lice, (AWI, Sheep CRC).

Extinosad Pour-On contains 20 g/L spinosad. Viper Pour-On contains 10 g/L thiacloprid. Power Doser™ is a trademark of Genesis Industries. Extinosad™, Viper™, Elanco and the diagonal bar logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates. ©2024 Elanco or its affiliates. EAH24011.