Gallagher Weigh Scale W610

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Gallagher Weigh Scale W610 G01605
Product Details
Tough, shock and waterproof case. Large labelled push buttons. Large rotary dial. Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing: auto, manual and fine. Compatible with most loadbars. Internal rechargeable battery. Large, easy to read display with backlit screen for use in sheds. Simple operation. Second LCD screen for data display and statistics. View weight gain, graphical displays and other options on graphics screen. Direct interface to EID tag reader. QWERTY keyboard for alphanumeric IDs. Supplied with MyScale Pro PC software for easy download of records from, and upload of records to, the Weigh Scale Indicator. Calculates average daily weight gain and carcass weight. Assigns visual tag number against EID tag number. Assign up to 15 digit visual tag number against weight records and EID number. Animal notes stored with each weighing record. Draft statistics displayed while weighing for animal audit. Draft category stored with animal record for later analysis. Automated drafter interface to control 5-way drafting. Stores 15 digit tag numbers plus 2 digit condition scores. 2 communication ports for connection to computer and peripheral devices, such as animal drafters and EID tag readers. Optional Bluetooth Adapter (G03203) required to connect to a Bluetooth EID tag reader. Stores 12,000 animals and 12,000 records.