Sheep Handler - Auto Weigh Side Clamp - Standard Ramp

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Sheep Handler - Auto Weigh Side Clamp - Standard Ramp SG05808
Product Details

The Gallagher Sheep Handler Auto Weigh gives fast and accurate weighing and drafting using the unique scissor clamping system, holding the animal more securely and stopping the animal from sitting down in the handler. No width adjustment is required for differing animal sizes. The open top design gives good access to the top and head of the animal. Crutching is achieved in an upright position. A rollover option is available to give easier access for crutching. This is a compact and economical handler if full belly access is not required. Available with or without a ramp clamp to capture sheep on approach.


  • Automatic 3 way weighing and drafting
  • Automatic and adjustable catching
  • Scissor side clamping
  • Use with a weigh scale indicator to capture weights and record treatments
  • Portable
  • Fast and accurate
  • Remote control
  • Rubber lined floor and sides for quietness and holding Loadbars and transport kit available to purchase separately.
  • Suitable for: Sheep Extra Information
  • Product Codes: SG05807 & SG05808