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iO Premium Grains

iO Cracked Maize (Corn) 20kg

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iO Cracked Maize is palatable and suitable for all livestock. It is the most valuable energy source among cereals.

In dairy cows, iO Cracked Maize it can support high milk yields because of its high starch content. Providing adequate amounts of starch also promotes rumen bacterial growth, thus enhancing forage digestibility, rumen cycling and subsequent feed intakes.

Part of our Premium Grains Range ? thoroughly cleaned and locally sourced Cracked Maize. Less dust, less wastage and more nutrition!

Active Constituent: Energy density (MJ ME/kg DM) ? 13.5 (12-16). Starch Content ? 70-75%. Slow fermentation. Crude Protein ? 9.5%.

Quick Facts & Benefits: Maize grain is higher in energy density and starch content, and has a slower rate of rumen fermentation.
Maize may be useful as a complementary grain to wheat: When grain is fed at high levels per cow per day, When cows are freshly calved, When cows are at increased risk of ruminal acidosis, and In hot weather.