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Troy Laboratories

Avenge + Fly 22L

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This season rotate to AVENGE + FLY to manage flystrike resistance.
With no known resistance* and up to 14 weeks protection, it makes sense to rotate to AVENGE + FLY this season
AVENGE + FLY is a multi purpose product that controls lice and prevents flystrike
Contains imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide that kills lice quickly
The only product containing imidacloprid registered for spray-on fly strike prevention.
Formulated with a solvent base for rapid fleece penetration
Available in a 22L pack size which treats 275 sheep off shears for lice and fly (60kg sheep) or 305 sheep in long wool for fly prevention (60kg sheep).
Apply using either an AVENGE + FLY manual or power doser with the AVENGE + FLY 6 stripe applicator (for lice) or spray nozzle (for fly).
*No known published peer reviewed studies demonstrating imidaclopid resistance in Lucilia cuprina.
For further information on resistance management and flystrike go to