Zoetis Glanvac 3SB12

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Zoetis Glanvac 3SB12 zoetis-glanvac-3SB12
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Glanvac® 3S B12 provides protection against Cheesy Gland (CLA), Tetanus and Pulpy Kidney, with the added ability to help correct selenium and cobalt deficiency. The prevention of Cheesy Gland in sheep flocks improves wool production and increases quality of sheep meat. Selenium and cobalt are essential trace elements which are vital for wool and energy production, fertility in ewes, as well as cell growth and maturation. Deficiencies of these trace elements result in reduced wool production and growth rates, ill thrift, infertility in ewes and death of young lambs due to white muscle disease.  This product may be used in the Glanvac+Eryvac Dual Vaccinator and  reused for 30 days after opening after following label instruction.